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2019 Summer treks: Weather and Snow update for Uttarakhand, Himachal, Darjeeling, Sikkim,

By this late April 2019, lowlands of India already facing a promising spell of summer. Temperatures steadily charting over 40° C. Many of you have
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How to save battery charge during trek: Do's and Don'ts

Battery hacks to save your camera or mobile battery charge during treks in cold conditions Have you faced an instance, when you want to capture
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5 great summer treks in India for beginners

So, me and my friends are planning a trek this summer. Which is the best trek? Often I answer your above question over phone and
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2019 Uttarakhand Trek Updates: Impact of camping ban on Bugyal and meadows

As the summer has already in its course, many of you are looking for the trekking routes to explore. Uttarakhand treks become a major focus
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Rupin pass trek in June: Challenge and fun in summer

The Calling: Back to the Himalayan lap after an hiatus of two years Once you trek into the Himalayas, it becomes an integral part of
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