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Goecha La trek: A photo story during autumn in November

You must have wondered about what is so special about Goecha La trek? Well, every trek is beautiful to say the least, but Goecha La
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A birding field report on Dzongri Goecha La trail inside Kanchendzongha National Park

Editors note: This is not a post on beautiful "Bird Photography", rather to encourage similar trip and field reports from birders. Check the original report
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To Phalut - A Solo Journey

The prelude The word "trekking" I heard for the first time in the year 2011 and motivated from my elder brother. I got the initiation
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5 alternates tips for packing lightweight during a trek

Don't let your heavy rucksack spoil the fun of your hike - pack LIGHT, trek SMART Whenever you go for a hike, be it a
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2019 Summer treks: Weather and Snow update for Uttarakhand, Himachal, Darjeeling, Sikkim,

By this late April 2019, lowlands of India already facing a promising spell of summer. Temperatures steadily charting over 40° C. Many of you have
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How to save battery charge during trek: Do's and Don'ts

Battery hacks to save your camera or mobile battery charge during treks in cold conditions Have you faced an instance, when you want to capture
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5 great summer treks in India for beginners

So, me and my friends are planning a trek this summer. Which is the best trek? Often I answer your above question over phone and
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2019 Uttarakhand Trek Updates: Impact of camping ban on Bugyal and meadows

As the summer has already in its course, many of you are looking for the trekking routes to explore. Uttarakhand treks become a major focus
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Rupin pass trek in June: Challenge and fun in summer

The Calling: Back to the Himalayan lap after an hiatus of two years Once you trek into the Himalayas, it becomes an integral part of
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Panpatia Col Trek Blog and tips: Mythical corridor connecting Kedar and Badri

One Question May Remain Unanswered, Why We Climb Mountains … Historically it says that Panpatia Col is the connection between Badrinath and Kedarnath . This
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