Kedarkantha or Brahmatal: Which trek is better?


Be it Kedarkantha or Brahmatal, surely both will make its place among the best winter snow treks in India. But what, if you have to pick any one of these two? Is one better than the other?

The question is simple but the answer isn’t! Neutrally speaking, you need to visit both before reaching a conclusion.

Let us quickly go through some facts about these two treks. There are quite a few similarities between these two easy trekking trails, both suitable for beginners during winters. Yet, we need to choose one, right?

Kedarkantha versus Brahmatal – Stats
Attributes Kedarkantha trek Brahmatal trek
State Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
Duration 6 days 6 days
Grade Easy Easy
Physicality 5.5/10 5.5/10
Maximum Altitude Kedarkantha peak (3820 m/12500 ft) Khamila Top summit (4000 m/13120 ft)
Altitude Gain Sankri to Kedarkantha peak, ~ 1880 m/6165 ft Lohajung to Khamila Top ~ 1660 m/5445 ft
Trail Length 25 Km 30 Km


The above really doesn’t help to pick one, but justifies you can choose any one, due to their similarities in varies aspects. It is really difficult to decide which one is harder or easier, isn’t it? Moreover, terrain variety wise these are quite similar due to their similar altitudes.

To decide between Kedarkantha and Brahmatal trek, the key is one of the following

1. Kedarkantha or Brahmatal: When to go for which trek?

Even as both are winter snow treks, the amount of snow varies to an extent on these trails. You need to plan any of these trek, according to its expected snow conditions. Otherwise you may end up trekking on snow less trail or too heavy snowy conditions. Now we will discuss which one probably better to visit at a given time.

Mid of November to late December: Kedarkantha normally receives early snowfall comparing to Brahmatal. If you wish to get some snow, you would surely be inclined towards Kedarkantha during early winters. Brahmatal trail may not have sufficient snow to walk on.

late December to late January: In the course of this stretch, usually Brahmatal gets 2/3 snowfalls. Whereas snow on Kedarkantha steadily grows. You may choose either of the trek. No clear winner here.

February to early March: During late winter snow condition is harsh and challenging. Often Kedarkantha remains buried under heavy snow and indeed pretty  difficult to summit. Brahmatal is a wise choice this time.

Mid March and late April: Residual snow on Kedarkantha makes it a clear choice during spring.

May & June: No clear winner this time around the year. Both trail will turn green in summer.

2. Which of these things you like more in Kedarkantha or Brahmatal?

Although it is tricky to assess which of the following is your priority, but may be helpful for favouring one to another. Take a look here:

Kedarkantha versus Brahmatal – Attractions
Kedarkantha Brahmatal
Major attractions An alpine lake Juda Ka Talab, a summit with abundant panoramic views, charming campsites and forest walk. 2 alpine lakes – Bekhaltal and Brahmatal, walking on a stretch of alpine meadows, close view of high mountains and a summit.
Prominent peaks Swargarohini, Black Peak, Bandarpunch. Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Mrigthuni, Chaukhamba, Hati Ghoda, Nilkantha.


Hopefully, you’ve decided on your next adventure and the reason(s) for it 8-). ake a look at our packages for Kedarkantha or Brahmatal below for your winter trekking destination.

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