Who we are?

We, HIMALAYA TREKKERS (HT), are a professional tour operator focusing on trekking to the Indian Himalayas. Simply put, you can think of us as a registered tour travel operator that runs treks with its own logistics, equipment, and staff from different bases in the Himalayas.

Although we are a small tour operator in terms of numbers, we cover a considerable length of the Indian Himalayas, spanning its breadth. We take more or less one thousand people per year on the mountains and have never competed for being the largest, biggest, or perhaps greatest! To cater to the wide Himalayas from east to west and run it efficiently, we have some staff employees, longtime freelancers, and a few trusted partners in the Himalayas. All are professional people and fairly experienced in their jobs. Regarding the term “partners”, they are not like just our vendors, and neither are things being outsourced. As a matter of fact, we are friends who share logistics and expertise to form Team HT.

We pitch in:

  • Suggesting the trek(s) as per your preferred time, season, or dates while considering your experience or any other preferences, important trek route information that you are looking for, planning and preparation required for your trek, and helping in travel arrangements prior to the trek. Then,
  • Arrange your trek safely with our top-notch support team.

Today, with the experience of 12 years running as a Tour Operator, HIMALAYA TREKKERS (HT) operates on more than 50 different routes, covering the major regions of the Indian Himalayas (it is almost 2500 Km in length). We thrive on:

Conducting environmentally cleaner treks – We call them ‘Green’.
Using quality equipment that is perfectly suited for the trek.
Best in class support staff across the Himalayas accompanying you on your journey
Providing equal care and attention to all members – Proportionate support staff
Having nutritious food and meals along the way.
Most importantly, enjoying the rendezvous with the ‘big guys’ (read Himalayas) 🙂

Here we are

Meet the Team HT

The core and heart of our team are our Trek Guides (often people recognise them as Trek Leaders although we don’t call them so) and the ground support staff. Quite naturally, they are locals and were raised in the remote parts of the Himalayas. We have selectively chosen our support team over the years to make your journey enjoyable and safe.

Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kalimpong:

Senior-Guide-Logistics Supervisor-From West Sikkim district-10 years of on-the-ground experience- Sikkim treks=- including homestay trek circuits- and- speciality walks
cultural-nature-guide-from-kalimpong-district-5-years-on-the-ground-experience-kalimpong-and-sikkim-treks-village walks-homestay-treks

Uttarakhand (Garhwal & Kumaon):

Senior-trekking-Guide-Logistics Manager-from Chamoli district-20 years of on-the-ground experience-Eastern and Central Garhwal-and-Kumaon treks
Senior-Trekking-Guide-Logistics Supervisor-from Uttarkashi district-20 years of on-the-ground experience-Western and Central Garhwal-treks
Senior-Trekking-Guide-Logistics Supervisor-from Uttarkashi district-12 years of on-the-ground experience-Western and Central Garhwal-treks
Senior-trekking-Guide-from Chamoli district-12 years of on-the-ground experience-Eastern and Central Garhwal-and-Kumaon treks

Himachal Pradesh:

Senior Trekking Guide-Canyoning and-Skiing guide-himachal-pradesh-treks-skiing-in-solang-valley-waterfalls-canyoning
Senior-Trekking-Guide-from Manali-15 years of on-the-ground experience-himachal-pradesh-treks-lahaul-spiti-treks-homestay treks-cultural-walks

Kashmir Valley:

Senior-Trekking-Guide-Logistics Supervisor-from kashmir-12-years of on-the-ground experience-kashmir-valley-and-kishtwar-treks
Senior-Trekking-Guide--from kashmir-12-years of on-the-ground experience-kashmir-valley-treks

Rock & Alpine Climbing:

We are Nibbi-Jibbi (Korak & Spandan), twin brothers passionate about climbing and Mountaineering. Here we would like to introduce our wonderful and adventurous experience of exploring all the different facets of climbing, from boulders to big walls. The vision is to climb in a low-impact, minimalist style.

Teaching various aspects of rock climbing is what we do professionally. After climbing for over a decade, we are now based in Himachal Pradesh, working as climbing guides and instructors.

Most recently, we have been working on developing world-class climbing areas with the world’s top climbers across the Indian Himalayas. We believe that our experience of climbing at a high level (Sport 8b+ Boulder 8A) will provide great help for you to get better at climbing techniques and enjoy climbing as a whole.

Our important Himalayan ascents in recent years:

SHILAJIT 8b+/5.14a, a famous sport climb in Rakchham
MAHALAYA 6a+ trad expo 550m FA, Zanskar
Brick in the wall: SD Fb 8A, Rakchham
Toro Peak, ascent of the east face, probably following the Polish line  ‘”get up in the morning,” 5.8 , 400m, Miyar valley
Bouldering and multipitch climbing at Chhatru and Chhotadhara

Finally, we have been with HT from the beginning and now extend our offerings through the Rock Climbing programme in Manali and Himachal Pradesh and are also available for your customised training plan (practical hands-on and online).

Bouldering, Climbing and Alpinism

Planning & Support (Office Team):

Last but not the least :). We have an equally experienced and very small team back in Kolkata, front-facing with you, essentially the backend team. We are the people with whom you will talk and exchange emails to learn about your adventure. We have physically been to almost all the treks that are published on the website. On many popular trails in different seasons, time and again over the years. This helps us assess a route over time or an area in general and enables us to inform you accordingly for smooth execution.


From the founder on the background and incubation of HT

Since the early years of this millennium, since our college days, we have started trekking with friends and amateur clubs. Our early forays into the mighty Himalayas started with Sandakphu, Dzongri-Goecha La, and other places in the eastern Himalayas. As the enthusiasm picked up and our love for the Himalayas started growing out of proportion, we also began venturing into Himachal Pradesh, Kumaon, Garhwal, and Ladakh. After visiting some difficult-to-arrange treks, the first seed of desire to take this up as a profession was planted, especially because it started getting more and more difficult to come back to the mountains with the increased hassle of logistics to work it out independently. At the same time, working in a formal corporate environment was also getting harder. Finally, the moment came when I was confident enough to take on this challenge and was happy to give up a career in the software industry and get into this realm by starting HT in June 2010.

During our days as amateur trekkers, the thing that struck us the most was that, on the one hand, treks were either done by a bunch of enthusiastic individuals (like us) or organised by local clubs and led by what we called ‘hardcore’ trekkers. In both cases, it invariably meant using worn-out tents and sleeping bags, having meagre and bland meals, and finding guides who were often incompetent. These trips were treated more as accomplishments than as realising the sense of adventure, awe, and togetherness that the mountains evoke.

For us, it was always about soaking in the mind-numbing beauty and enjoying the sheer grandness of the abode of the gods, and the success of the trek lay in completing the trek as a team.

On the other hand, there were agencies that offered fantastic facilities at equally fantastic prices and took herds of people as part of their package deals. Over 30 people and a disproportionate number of support staff would mean much less attention to individual needs and near zero flexibility during the trek.

What we also found appalling was the scant respect that seemed to exist for the mountains—any camping ground or trail would be strewn with plastic wrappers, packets, bottles, and containers, including tin cans and glass bottles and jars.

There was also this aura built around ‘trekking’, as if it were the hallowed turf of a few and not the much larger population of nature lovers. We felt differently. For us, this brief escape from civilization and mobile networks was an addiction that was difficult to shake off. We felt that it must be the same for countless others too. Trekking is not the same as mountaineering expeditions or rock climbing, which indeed require a lot of technical skills; at the end of the day, you need to walk. So, it all began…

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