About HT

We, HIMALAYA TREKKERS a professional tour operator focusing on trekking to the Indian Himalayas. Simply you can think that, we are a registered tour travel operator who runs treks with its own logistics/equipment/staff from different bases on Himalayas.

We pitch in:

  • Suggesting you the trek(s) as per season and your experience, important trek route information that you need, your planning and preparation for the trek, helping in travelling arrangement prior the trek . And
  • Running your trek, operations on ground with safety, and support during trek and later.

Today with the experience of over 7 years running as a Tour Operator, HIMALAYA TREKKERS (HT) operates on more than 50 different routes (we hope to document more soon) covering ONLY a gross part of the the Indian Himalayas. We thrive to:–

Conducting environmentally cleaner treks – We call them ‘Green’.
Using quality equipment that is perfectly suited for the trek.
Best in class support staff across the Himalayas along with you.
Providing equal care and attention to all members – Proportionate support staff
Having nutritious food and meals along the way.
Most importantly, enjoying the rendezvous with the ‘big guys’ (read Himalayas) 🙂

Team HT:

Sapta (Saptarshi)

Founder of HIMALAYA TREKKERS. An engineering graduate, certified from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), travelling and trekking extensively in Himalayas for more than a 15 years.  He brought the leadership and people management skills from his earlier profession in IT and constantly working towards the goal to provide unmatched service through optimised operations during a trek in the Himalayas. HT utilises his understanding of Himalayas and  operational skills for new route explorations including the recce treks. His personal interest includes flora and fauna of the Himalayas, Rock climbing and bouldering, travelling to new places which are not restricted to the Himalayas.

Krish (Krishnendu)

An engineering dropout , certified mountaineer from HMI, Darjeeling, and global analytics and media research head of a medium scale start up. He started his trekking and mountaineering expeditions in his college days and his passion for mountain is still growing strong.  He has done expeditions to Mt. Thelu, Mt. Koteshwar, Mt. Deo Tibba, and several high altitude treks. He helps HT as a mentor, his understandings and exposures to high altitude is an asset. Krish also takes part in the new route explorations and documenting these. His next aspiration is to climb Bhagirathi II and explore more of North East India 🙂

Rhik (Subhodip)

Fresh blood in the team. He pursued his bachelors degree in mathematics but his outbound nature drove him into mountains. He is trained from HMI, Darjeeling and looks after the logistics setup, operations, emails queries and more. Apart from mountains he loves to spend time with his camera. A chunk of the photos on HT Tour Details page are from his collection during various treks. Rhik also maintains our social handles. He is particularly interested in street photography and portraits which are more human in nature.

Background and Incubation:

From the early years of this millennia since our college days we started trekking with friends and amateur clubs. Our early forays into the mighty Himalayas started with Sandakphu, Dzongri-Goecha La and other places in the eastern Himalayas. As the enthusiasm picked up and our love for the Himalayas started growing out of proportion, we also began venturing into Himachal, Kumaon, Garhwal and Ladakh. After visiting Pin Parvati Pass, Kalindi Pass, Roopkund & Ronti Saddle, the first seed of desire to take this up as a profession was planted – especially because it started getting more and more difficult coming back to mountains with increased hassle of logistics to work it out independently. Saptarshi (Sapta) took this challenge and was happy to gave up his career of a ‘software professional’ to get into this realm by starting HIMALAYA TREKKERS in June 2010.

During our days as amateur trekkers, the thing that struck us the most was that, on one hand, treks were either done by a bunch of enthusiastic individuals (like us) or organized by local clubs and led by what we called ‘hardcore’ trekkers. In both cases, it invariably meant using worn out tents and sleeping bags, having meagre and bland meals, finding guides who were often incompetent. These trips were treated more as accomplishments rather than realizing the sense of adventure, awe and togetherness that the mountains evoke.

For us, it always was about soaking in the mind-numbing beauty and enjoying the sheer grandness of the abode of the gods, and, success of the trek lay in completing the trek as a team.

On the other hand, there were agencies which offered fantastic facilities at equally fantastic prices and taking herds of people as part of their package deals. Over 30 people and a disproportionate number of support staff would mean much less attention to individual needs and near zero flexibility during the trek.

What we also found appalling, was the scant respect that seemed to have for the mountains – any camping ground or trail would be strewn with plastic wrappers, packets, bottles and containers, tin cans and glass bottles and jars.

There was also this aura built around ‘trekking’, as if, it is the hallowed turf of a few and not for the much larger population of nature lovers. We felt differently. For us, this brief escape, from civilization and mobile networks, was an addiction that was difficult to shake off. We felt, it must be the same for countless others too. Trekking is not the same as mountaineering expeditions or rock climbing which indeed requires a lot of technical skills – at the end of the day, you need to walk.

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