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Upcoming Himalayan treks 2017-18: FALL & WINTER Snow treks


This year we offer a wide range of upcoming Himalayan treks as Fixed Departures spanning Indian Himalayas from Sikkim to Ladakh and Kashmir. There are exciting options for all, from beginners to seasoned trekkers. Choices of snow treks in Uttarakhand till late spring, and then in summer venture out for the high altitude treks. If you wish to witness the High Himalayan peaks of Nepal/Sikkim then Look East for Darjeeling/Nepal and Sikkim destinations. Himachal routes are to be explored in the later half of the summer . Ladakh and Kashmir treks will operate during July and August. For full list of schedule Fixed Departure treks click here.

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Why choose us?

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Group Discounts

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From October mid till end of January weather remains fairly clear in both Darjeeling and Sikkim. Grand views of Sleeping Buddha are common along the trail. Afternoons can be particularly chilly due to windy ridge. Snow is not common even in December/January.

Sandakphu: Walking along the Sleeping Buddha. Tours starting every weekend from October to January. Itinerary starts from NJP/Bagdogra/Siliguri. Read more or Download PDF.

Singalila Phoktey Dara: Camping inside Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 15th/30th April and 7th May. Read more or Download PDF.

Sandakphu and Phalut: The classic Tea House trek. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 1st and 15th April. Read more or Download PDF.

Goecha La: To the base of Kanchendzongha. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 14th/29th April and on 13th May. Read more or Download PDF.

Singalila Pass and Phalut: Combining both Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary and Singalila National Park.Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 14th and 29th April. Read more or Download PDF.

Spring/Summer treks in Sikkim/Darjeeling-Nepal (Mar-Jun):

Trek: Sandakphu (Darjeeling/Nepal)
Maixmum Altitude: 3636m/12000ft
Grade: Easy
Trip Duration: 6D/5N; 4 days of trekking

There is hardly any trek route in the Himalayas which is so easy to access yet produces captivating beauty and charm of a himalayan trail. Walking along the famous Singalila ridge you will observe Kanchendzongha along with Jannu and Pandim forming the surprise  look of “Sleeping Buddha”.  Stays are in Nepali/Tibetan run Homestay/Lodge while passing through interior villages and hamlets.Read more…

Trek: Singalila Pass & Phoktey Dara (Sikkim)
Maixmum Altitude: 3700m/12150ft
Grade: Easy +
Trip Duration: 7D/6N; 5 days of trekking

This trail running inside pristine Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary produces outstanding view of High Himalayan Sikkim and Nepal ranges. Singalila Pass and Phoktey Dara – the two spurs offer majestic views of gigantic massif of Kanchendzongha and several other Sikkim peaks. Apart from famous “Sleeping Buddha” formation., Mt. Everest, Lhotse and Makalu are distinctly visible. Spring blooms in Rhododendron and Magnolia. Read more…


Trek: Sandakphu and Phalut (Darjeeling/Nepal)
Maixmum Altitude: 3636m/12000ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 8D/7N; 6 days of trekking

This is perhaps the most popular “Tea-House” trek in India, bordering with Nepal. The trail frequently switches the international border and finally to Sandakphu, the highest point of Darjeeling hills. During fall the weather remains clear and a vast panorama of high Nepal and Sikkim peaks can be seen at a stretch including the “Sleeping Buddha”. The cozy comfort of the lodges and the hospitality of the resident families is a plus. Read more…

Trek: Goecha La(Sikkim)
Maximum Altitude: 4950m/16250ft
Grade: Moderate + (Strenuous)
Trip Duration: 10D/9N; 8 days of trekking 

When you look East, it has to be Dzongri & Goecha La trek inside Kanchendzongha National Park. In spring and summer the trail blooms with the colour of red, pink and white Rhododendrons. Mystic scent of the dense forest, chirping bird life enthral the senses. The peak panorama from Dzongri is unmatched. Kanchendzongha is so close that you can almost touch. Read more…

Trek: Singalila Pass & Phalut (Sikkim/Darjeeling/Nepal)
Maixmum Altitude: 3700m/12150ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 8D/7N; 6 days of trekking

This trail is traversing initially inside pristine Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary (Sikkim) and later descends through Singalila National park Darjeeling/Nepal). Till Singalila and Phalut the route offers outstanding view of High Himalayan Sikkim and Nepal ranges. From Phalut to Srikhola descend through typical Darjeeling hill villages and .Read more…


Snow starts to accumulate in mid to end of December above 10000 ft. All our winter treks are  fun indeed while walking on snow in cold conditions Weather normally remains clear. Temperatures during night and early in the mornings can be can be well below freezing.

Kedarkantha: A frozen lake and a snow summit to the top. Departures from Dehradun on 12th/26th March  and 2nd/14th/15th April. Read more or Download PDF.

Brahma Tal: Endless panorama and  Rhododendron bloom. Departures from Kathgodam on 12th March and 2nd/15th  April. (Kathgodam to Haridwar). Read more or Download PDF.

Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila: An “All-In One” hike inside Rhododendrons and to the highest Shiva shrine. Departures from Haridwar on 12th March and 1st/14th/15th of April. Read more or Download PDF.

Har Ki Dun: The classy river valley trek. Departures from Dehradun on 11th/18th/25th Dec and 1st/2nd/22nd Jan. Read more or Download PDF.

Dodital: A sweet trail to initiate Himalayan trek. Departures from Haridwar on 12th March and 15th April or Download PDF.

Our choice of Spring Snow treks (Feb to Apr):


Trek: Kedarkantha (Western Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 3820m/12500ft
Grade: Easy (heavy snow)
Trip Duration: 6D/5N; 6 days of trekking 

Most popular winter trek destination is a short hike to the peak called Kedarkantha only 10 odd Km from Sankri. A perfect winter trek for people who want more from an adventure vacation trip. The hike on good amount of snow is full of fun, sometimes trudging and at time glissading on snow.The top offers a magnificent sunrise with panorama of peaks, some standing pretty close like Swargarohini and Black peak. See more...


Trek: Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila (Central Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 3800m/12500ft
Grade: Easy (moderate snow)
Trip Duration: 5D/4N; 3 days of trekking

This is the ideal beginning to introduce people who want to explore Himalayas much more than that of a regular tourist yet staying in the comfort of Tea House. The places covered in the trek promises almost everything that a high altitude Himalayan trek offers. Hidden Deoriatal with magnificent reflections, Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary around Chopta, holy shrine of Tunganath and unforgettable summit at Chandrashila. See more…


Trek: Brahma Tal (Eastern Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 4000m/13120ft
Grade: Easy (moderate snow)
Trip Duration: 7D/6N; 5 days of trekking

Rarely a route is gifted with so many surprises yet accessible in winter. Dense montane forests at the beginning, suddenly stepping into alpine meadows, stretched with the vista of Garhwal and Kumaon peaks, a hidden lake and towering Mt. Trishul and Nandaghunti. The top above the peak is challenging to climb but the reward is breathtaking. This trek is not to miss indeed has in winters or even in spring for its Rhododendron bloom. See more…


Trek: Har Ki Dun (Western Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 3600m/11800ft
Grade: Easy + (moderate snow)
Trip Duration: 7D/6N; 5 days of trekking

The classic trail to Har Ki Dun valley has never lost its charm and always been a choice for trekkers all over the world. Walking through the wide spread valley, remote villages, local life style, culture and hospitality are not to miss. The sunrise and sunset at Har Ki Dun needs special mention. Ample amount of snow makes it a compelling choice. Walking towards Jaundar glacier sparks the adrenaline. See more…


Trek: Dodital (Western Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 3850m/12630ft
Grade: Easy (moderate snow)
Trip Duration: 6D/5N; 5 days of trekking

This sweat trail between Bhagirathi and Yamuna valley is delightful to walk almost year around. Along the villages it gently reaches a medium sized rectangular lake maintained by one inward and one outward stream. As per legend this is the birth place of Lord Ganesha. The exploratory day in the trip is a good climb to Darwa Top which offers panorama of the western Garhwal and the Gangotri range. Read PDF.

Book any of our Fixed Departure trek for 3 or more persons to get a 5% and for 5 or more get a flat 10% Group Discount on Trek Cost for each trekker.


Roopkund: To the land of alpine meadows and skeletal lake. Trek starting on every Saturday from Kathgodam in May and June. Read more or Download PDF.

Rupin Pass: Following the river from Garhwal to Kinnaur. Departures from Dehradun on 20th May and 10th and 24th June. Read more or Download PDF.

Tapovan: To the origin of Ganga and the base of Shivling. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 1st and 15th April. Read more or Download PDF.

Sahastra Tal: Into the lake district of Garhwal. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 14th/29th April and on 13th May. Read more or Download PDF.

Kuari Pass: Following Lord Curzon’s trail. Departures from NJP/Bagdogra on 14th and 29th April. Read more or Download PDF.

Choose from our most popular Uttarakhand Summer treks (MAY – JUN)

Trek : Roopkund (Eastern Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 4850m/15900ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 8D/7N; 6 days of trekking 

This is certainly the most popular trek in India. Sprawling meadows, close encounter with Trishul & Nandaghunti, the mystery lake, excitement on snow and ice are compelling factors for a trekker to choose this trek. Both experienced and first timers attempt to reach the high altitude lake in the beginning of the season. The groups starting from 13th May. Book this trek with your friends and keep the memories forever. Read more…

Trek: Rupin Pass (Western Garhwal – Kinnaur)
Maximum Altitude: 4685m/15370ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 9D/8N; 7 days of trekking 

The Rupin pass trekking trail, that connects Baspa Valley of Kinnaur with the Garhwal in south, was actually used by local shepherds and traders in older days. The route offers surprises at every corner as the terrains along the Rupin valley keeps on changing. In lower Rupin Valley, the trail runs through dense conifer and oak forests, deep river gorge and villages, higher up to origin of the river and finally crossing the watershed into Baspa valley.Read more…

Trek: Sahastra Tal (Western Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude: 5000m/16400ft
Grade: Moderate & Strenuous
Trip Duration: 9D/8N; 7 days of trekking

Be it the wide spread lush green valley and forest covers in the beginning or sprawling meadows (Bugyal) in the mid or stunning alpine lakes at the end, the trail to Sahastra Tal has everything that you can ask for choosing a hiking destination. Exquisite campsites and high Himalayan peak panorama are delight to any trekker. This is a must route for who want to explore Himalayas in solitude and bliss.Read more…


Trek: Tapovan (Western Garhwal)
Maximum Altitude:  4450m/14600ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 8D/7N; 4 days of trekking

The holy mythical route to Tapovan traces the origin of the Ganga and then further up to the alpine meadow while negotiating glacier moraine. This relatively shorter trail demands to cope with thin air and tricky terrain after Gaumukh. It offers the core Himalayan moraine feature and a plethora of peaks including Sudarshan, Bhagirathi sisters, Kharchakund, Kedardome and one of most impressive peak of Shivling from a stone throwing distance. Read more…


Bhrigu Lake: A frozen lake with panorama. Earliest season starts from mid May. Arrival in Manali on 21st/28th May and 4th June. Itinerary based on Manali to Manali. Read more or Download PDF.

Hampta Pass: Short trans Himalayan trek flavour along with the moon lake Chandratal. Arrival in Manali on 25th June and 9th July. Itinerary based on Manali to Manali. Read more or Download PDF.

Kaliheni Pass: An ancient shepherds trail connecting Kullu to remote Kangra valley. Arrival in Manali on  17th/24th June. Itinerary based on Manali to Manali. Read more or Download PDF.

Pin Parvati Pass: The epic trans Himalayan saga from Kullu to Kaza in Spiti. Arrival in Manali on 1st July. Itinerary based on Manali to Manali. Read more or Download PDF.

Explore our Manali based Himachal treks in Summer (May – Jul)

Bhrigu lake

Trek: Bhrigu Lake (Himachal)
Maximum Altitude: 4270m/14000ft
Grade: Easy
Trip Duration: 5D/4N; 4 days of trekking

An ideal trail for the beginners around Manali reaches its highest point to a medium size lake at around 4300m/14000 ft. This lake lies to the east of the famous Rohtang Pass on upper Manali valley. During the winters the lake freezes (remains till summer) and takes the shape of a disc and often the trail is dubbed as the Frozen Disc Trek. The trail offers both the views of Solang valley (Dhauladhar range) as well as Hampta valley (Pir Panjal side). Walking on snow in the summer is a plus. Read more…

Kaliheni Pass

Trek: Kaliheni Pass
Maximum Altitude: 4800m/15750 ft
Grade: Moderate & Strenuous
Trip Duration: 8D/7N; 7 days of trekking

The word Kaliheni as per local Gaddi (shepherd) dialect means Black(Kali) Glacier(heni). Traditionally in the shepherd route from Lush Green Kullu valley to the stark mountainous Bara Bhangal area of Kangra. Bird’s eye view of Kullu valley and the views Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. Walking on the sprawling alpine meadows of Riyali is an unforgettable experience. Several alpine lakes can be seen on the other side of the glaciated pass. Read more…

Hampta pass

Trek: Hampta Pass
Maximum Altitude: 4300m/14100 ft
Grade: Moderate
Trip Duration: 6D/5N; 4 days of trekking

A short trans Himalayan trek connecting the Kullu region to that with Lahaul over Hampta pass. Crossing of gushing streams, camping by the rivulet carpeted by wildflowers and marsh marigolds, star filled night skies, close views of Deo Tibba, Indrasan and other unnamed peaks. Finally the pièce de résistance is the visit to Chandratal; a high altitude alpine lake whose crystal clear water and the fresh alpine air is bewitching. Drive back to Manali  is over the Rohtang pass.Read more…

Pin parvati pass

Trek: Pin Parvati Pass
Maximum Altitude: 5300m/17400 ft
Grade: Difficult
Trip Duration: 11D/10N; 9 days of trekking

Glamorous and epic trans Himalayan Trek in India. It provides the most spectacular traverses, from the vibrant forests, lush green meadows of the Parvati Valley, crossing the watershed to the barren Cold desert like landscape and Buddhist villages in the Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti.  From the glacier bound pass the view is all embracing, covering Kinnaur, Lahaul Spiti and Kullu in all. The sharp contrast in landscapes, culture, flora and fauna will catch you off-guard.  bliss. Read more…

Read carefully the Himalayan Trek Essentials:

Physical Fitness:

physical fitness & training

You should start training on fitness from the day you plan for a Himalayan trek. It is not a must to go through a strict regime but definitely you need to be comfortable walking 5/6 hours a day along with your rucksack against the gravity! So sooner you work on improving the fitness, better and comfortable you are on a trail :-) Read more…

List of things to carry in a trek:

List of things to carry in a trek

A trekking tour, typically on the Himalayas require some must to have and a few nice to have things. Most of these are personal gears which you have to bring whereas we will provide you with few like sleeping bag, sleeping mattresses etc. Read more…

Selection of Trekking Gear:

selection of equipment

You should spend some time before buying a particular gear for a trek. Often people buy personal gear which are not well thought of and need replacements when they plan for another trek. It is always advisable to buy gears or equipment which are lightweight, maintaining quality standards and can serve in a long run. Read more…

How to pack a Rucksack/Backpack:

Packing a rucksack

A quintessential process that you remain well balanced and comfortable on a trail. Always avoid unnecessary and heavy items as every additional gram on the mountain matters. Packing also dependents on the quality of personal gear. Read more…

We hope that now you have good information and hence may have few queries. We are here to help you and choose your Himalayan trek :-)

Some facts:

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  • Only 8-10 for Difficult treks.
  • High support staff to trekkers ratio, at least 1:3 or even 1:1 or more.

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