For last week or so our central and states govt were unanimously in favour of extending the lockdown in India. Finally today the announcement came. As expected Lockdown 2.0 will continue till 3rd May 2020. Despite the distress it caused, it is the only available option to us for the time being. For many of

Though Roopkund trek is closed to trekkers at present, but that doesn’t keep away its tendency to be on news. It may well be a game changer from the prior researches and reveal new facts. Last month a research paper published on “Roopkund” in ‘Nature’, a well-known and authoritative forum for the publication of important

On the eve of independence day, Indian govt announced to open 137 new mountaineering and trekking peaks to climb in Indian Himalayas. This is surely a welcome move in favour of global mountaineering and climbing fraternity. Prior to this, very few of the newly opened peaks were accessible to mountaineers following a lengthy process through