About the trail: The crossing of Umasi La at ~ 5300 m/17385 ft is an extravagant trans-himalayan trek that connects Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir to the Zanskar region in Ladakh. Due to its difficulty in arranging and approaching, it is rarely visited by trekkers. Although somewhat visited by climbers

About the trail: This is an enterprising route that we propose for those who love to spend and explore longer durations on the mountains and explore the area from almost all possible angles. Our trail is above Munsiyari, following Gori Ganga valley and its tributary Ralam Gad, which are connected

The majority of you who have searched for this topic are probably planning your first trek in the Himalayas. Otherwise, you may already have booked a trek and are trying to understand what an adventure tour would be like on the mountain. Yes, you read that right—an adventure tour. Trekking

About: Minkiani Pass trek is  a short adventurous excursion leading past many lakes. This pass ahead of Dharamshala is on the Dhauladhar range and offers views of Dhauladhar and other ranges like Pirpanjal, Great Himalayan and Zanskar ranges to its northerly direction. The pass is at around 4000 m/13120 ft