Trekking gear or equipment are a necessity on any multi-day trekking programme in the Himalayas. Be you a first-timer or a seasoned trekker, every time you ask a common question to yourself before a trekking tour, “Do I have all the required trekking gears?” If the answer is yes (assuming

Best treks in monsoon (July & August) on the Himalayas Getting monsoon rain in general is not a good “thing” for trekking high up on the Himalayas. At the same time there are regions in the Indian Himalayas where monsoon has little or almost no impact. Remember that a rain/shower/drizzle

So, me and my friends are planning a trek this summer. Which is the best trek? Often I answer your above question over phone and probably try to narrow based upon your inputs. Here is a difficult task for me to choose 5 great summer treks in India for beginners.