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Tapovan Trek

Upcoming Summer treks to Tapovan: 

Trek Code TV17S1 – 21st May (Day 1) to 28th May’17 (Day 8)

Brief Itinerary:
Day 1: Haridwar to Gangnani drive – 235Km – 10/11 hours
Day 2: After an early lunch drive to Gangotri – 55Km – 2 hours.
Day 3: Gangotri acclimatisation day & walking around (height gain)
Day 4: Trek to Bhujbasa – 14km – 7/8 hours
Day 5: Trek to Tapovan via Goumukh – 9km – 5/6 hours
Day 6: Visit Neel Tal and back – 3hrs; Trek back to Bhujbasa or further to Chirbasa – 9km – 4/5hrs
Day 7: Trek to Gangotri – 14km – 6/7 hrs
Day 8: Drive to Haridwar – 290km – 13/14 hrs

*** Trekkers need to reach on their own to Haridwar on Day 1 morning (by 6 am) or the previous night. Return to Haridwar on Day 8 evening (by 9 pm). Arrange your tickets for inward journey and back to home from Haridwar accordingly ***

Cost : Rs 12800 (Gangnani to Gangotri)+ 9% Service Tax

(Book for 3 persons and get a discount of 5%; Book for 5 or more to get a 10% Group Discount)



Customised Trek: If the dates above don’t match or you want a separate private tour for your group then fill up the Customise Your Trip form with correct details.

The Trek Highlights:

Length: 4 days of trek; Walking from Gangotri to Tapovan and back, around 45 Km. Haridwar to Haridwar in 8 days.

Access: Haridwar is well connected by train from New Delhi and Kolkata. There are several overnight trains and buses from Delhi. Nearest airport Jolly Grant is 35 Km from Haridwar. The trek base Gangotri is 290 Km from Haridwar.

Prerequisite: At least two prior Himalayan trekking experiences, one must be a Moderate grade with similar altitude.

Highest Point: Tapovan ~ 4450m/14600ft.

Grade: Moderate

Seasons: May/June and September/October

Further Option: A days side trip to Kirti Bamak or Sumeru Bamak/ Trek to Nandanvan/Vasuki Tal by crossing the Gangotri glacier.

About Tapovan: Tapovan (4,450m/14,600ft) is a high altitude Alpine meadow, situated at the base of Mt. Shivling , on the west bank of Gangotri glacier. The word ‘Tapovan’ means a sacred and serene place, where the sages meditate for spiritual bliss. According to Hindu mythology, King Bhagiratha (Lord Rama’s ancestor) of the Ikshvaku dynasty, meditated here to Shiva for Ganga’s descent to the earth. From time unknown, Hindu sadhus or spiritualists come here to pay tribute to Lord Shiva and River Ganges. Tapovan, lush green in summer, blooming with wild flowers, turns golden in post-monsoon season. The valley, flanked by majestic Himalyan peaks like Mt. Shivling (6543m), Mt. Meru (6630m) and Kedar Dome (6808m) is a favourite destination for trekking enthusiastic, both Indians and foreigners. The Bhagirathi Group of peaks – I (6,856m), II (6,512m) and III (6,454m) are visible on the eastern bank of Gangotri glacier. The trail from Gangotri to Tapovan via, Bhujbasa and Goumukh, though only 22km and two days trek, it covers a vast array of geomorphological features, like the ‘I’ shaped river gorge of Ganges, then the snout of the glacier from where the river originates, followed by the glacier itself with lateral moraine and ice covered glacial debris and finally the steep edge of the glacier. Initially the trail runs amidst pine and birch forest, but crosses the tree line to reach this Alpine meadow where only perennial grasses, sedges, and forbs can survive. Sighting of Bharals (Blue Mountain Sheep) on nearby mountain slopes is common. The high altitude, rarity of oxygen, average 6-7km walk in the difficult terrain and the erratic weather make this a short but challenge trek.

Access to Gangotri (The trek base):  Depending upon the trek members we can arrange a pick up from Haridwar to Gangotri and back to Haridwar. This will be shared by the team members on actual basis.
Otherwise if a trekker wants to reach Sankri by public vehicle then here is how:
1)Take early moning bus from Haridwar to Uttarkashi from the Roadways/ISBT bus stand (opposite to Railway station) or a private one from G.M.O.U bus stand ( on the same main road, 2 minutes walk). This will take 7/8 hours. Change the bus to Gangotri (starts around 2 pm in the afternoon) from here, which will take 4/5 hours to cover the remaining 100 Km.
2) While returning from Gangotri take the morning bus to Uttarkashi and then then change to Haridwar/Rishikesh.

The trip itinerary:

Day 1: Pick up in the morning from Haridwar and reach Gangnani (~ 2390m, 7840 ft) . Distance around 235 Km and can take 11/12 hours. Night stay in lodge/hotel.

Day 2: After lunch we drive to Gangotri. Distance is 55Km and may take 2/3 hours. Night stay in lodge.

Day 3: Acclimatisation day. Gangotri being above 3000m/10000ft, and air is thin. Atmospheric pressure is only 70% that of sea level. It is essential for any group to acclimatise a day before starting the trek. Some prefer to break the previous days tedious journey by spending a night in between Uttarkashi and Gangotri ( like Harshil). Walk around the temple area, if you have more reserves, you can hike towards Kedartal route for couple of hours and back. Night stay in lodge/hotel.

Day 4: Trek to Bhojbasa (~ 3700m/12150ft). Distance is 14 Km and may take 7/8 hours. Night stay at tent.

Day 5: Trek to Tapovan (~4,450m/14,600ft) via Gaumukh (or Gomukh). Distance is 9 Km and may take 5/6 hours. Night stay at tent.

Day 6: Early in the morning hike to the surrounding Neela Tal. Return to the camp site and descent to Bhojbasa. Night stay at tent.

Day 7: Trek back to Gangotri. Night stay in lodge/hotel.

Day 8: Drive back to Haridwar by evening. Proceed for your homeward journey.

P.S. : The distances and altitudes are indicative and may not be exact.