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Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Upcoming summer trek to Pin Parvati Pass: 

Trek Code PPP17S1 – 1st Jul (Day 1) to 11th Jul’17 (Day 11)

Brief Itinerary:
Day 1: Reach Manali by evening. Night accommodation at Vashish or at Old Manali.
Day 2: Manali to Barsheni by car – 110 Km –  4 hours – Trek to Khirganga – 9 Km – 5 hours.
Day 3: Khirganga to Tundabhuj – 12 Km – 6 hours.
Day 4: Tundabhuj to Thakur Kuan – 6/7 Km – 3/4 hours.
Day 5: Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach – 10 Km – 5/6 hours.
Day 6: Odi Thach to Mantalai – 9 Km – 5/6 hours
Day 7: Mantalai to base camp before Pass – 10 Km – 7/8 hours.
Day 8: Base camp to the Pin Parvati Pass and camp on the Pin side – 9 Km – 6/7 hours.
Day 9: Camp to Mud via Chinpatta Maidan – 25 Km – 10 hours – Camp. Sometimes we move to Kaza – 45 Km – 2 hours’ drive.
Day 10: By car from Mud to Manali (or by morning bus from Kaza) via Kunzum La – 250 Km/12 hours or 200 Km – 10 hours (from Kaza)
Day 11: Mandatory day used either as a buffer day or a rest day at Mantalai.

*** Trekkers need to reach on their own to Manali on Day 1 by evening. Return to Manali on Day 11 evening (by 5 pm). Arrange your tickets for inward journey and back to home from Manali accordingly ***

Cost : Rs 26800 (Manali to Mud)+ 9% Service Tax

(Book for 3 persons and get a discount of 5%; Book for 5 or more to get a 10% Group Discount)



Customised Trek: If the dates above don’t match or you want a separate private tour for your group then fill up the Customise Your Trip form with correct details.

The Trek Highlights:

Length: 10 days of trek; Manali to Manali in 11 days. Walking from Barsheni to Mud around 100 km. Manali to Manali in 11 days.

Access: New Delhi and Chandigarh are well connected by railway and flights. From New Delhi there are several overnight buses for Manali. One can also get an early morning bus from Chandigarh to reach Manali in 10 hrs. The route from new Delhi to Manali is via Chandigarh, Mandi, Bhuntar and Kullu and the distance is around 550 Km.

 Highest Point: Pin Parvati Pass ~ 5300m/17400 ft.

 Grade: Difficult

Seasons: July to September

Further Option : Combine Bhaba Pass and exit to Kinnaur

About Pin Parvati Pass: The trans Himalayan valleys of Spiti were once difficult to gain access to, but the route through Pin Parvati pass halves the distance between the Kullu and Spiti valleys. The route is opened to trekkers in 1993. This always snow bound pass unfurls the stark contrast between barren and rain shed Pin valley (Spiti side) to that of lush green Parvati valley (Kullu side). Trekking through this trail of a lifetime, one can see dense forests, hot springs, grazing pastures, meandering streams, moraines and glaciers, snow capped peaks, coloured mountains and many more. The major peaks seen are Kullu Eiger, Parvati South, Kangla Tarbo, Kullu Makalu & West Horn. The trail runs through the Pin Valley National Park, known for sighting of the snow leopards and the Great Himalayan National Park with manyrare Himalayan birds like the Western Tragopan. Though the trek is strenuous and challenging, the enormous beauty of the region, makes it one of the most sought after Trans-Himalayan trek.

Access to Manali (The trek base): Depending upon the trek members we can arrange a pickup and drop from Chandigarh to Manali (320 Km) and back.
However there is a wide choices of bus, starting from regular, luxury and Volvo operated by both Govt. and private agencies from New Delhi and Chandigarh to Manali.
1)From Delhi the buses normally start in the afternoon and reaches Manali next day by noon. Depending upon the service it may take 14 to 16 hrs. Distance is around 550 Km.
2)From Chandigarh ISBT there are regular bus services for Manali, starting in the early morning. It may take 8 to 10 hrs depending upon the bus service. Distance around 320 Km.
3) While returning Volvo service from Manali to Delhi starts at 4:30/5 pm in the afternoon. The last bus operated by HRTC starts at 9:30 pm for Delhi.


The trip itinerary:

Day 1: Reach Manali (~ 1950 m/6400 ft) by noon/afternoon. Our guest house is at a place called Vashisht, which is 3 Km further up from Manali town. Vashisht has a temple and is famous for its hot spring inside the temple. Accommodation in rest house/home-stay.

Day 2: Pickup from Manali in the early morning and reach Barsheni (~ 2200 m, 7200 ft) via Manikaran by car. Distance is around 120 km and can take around 4hr. Trek starts from here. The trail ahead is a 9 Km walk through a lovely forest to the open meadow of Khirganga (~ 2920 m, 9580 ft). According to the myth, this is the hot spring where Lord Shiva meditated. One can take a refreshing bath in the spring. The climb will take around 5 hr. Overnight in tent.

Day 3: The 12 Km walk to Tunda Bhuj (~3400 m, 11150 ft) is very enjoyable while we go few ups and downs, passing through the lovely grazing grounds. Camping ground is situated in a forest of birch trees.

Day 4: Today is a short trek of 6 km to Thakur Kuan (~3600 m, 11800 ft).The ground is rocky for 2 km and somewhat tricky. After that a wide vista opens up. The panorama offers a plethora of wild flowers, iris and poppies to name a few.

Day 5: Today’s trek includes crossing the Parvati River few times. First notable one is to cross the river and go to its right bank through a pulley bucket system. Later we cross the same river using the Pandu Pull named after the Pandava brothers of Mahabharat, which is a natural boulder spanning the Parvati River. This is indeed a masterpiece of local engineering. After this we take the left bank of the river and a gradual ascent leads us the alpine meadow of Odi Thach (~3800 m, 12464 ft). Distance is around 10 Km and overnight in tent.

Day 6: Today we trek to Mantalai Lake (~4100m, 13500 ft), considered to be the origin of Parvati River. At the beginning the trail is gradual up and as we leave behind the vegetation, we enter into the glacial moraine and debris. First we go ahead into a broad valley and then to a moraine ridge seen ahead to its left. This is the ridge that dams the Mantalai Lake. A temple and many traditional cairns and flags will welcome you. Distance around 9 Km.

Day 7: Rest day/Buffer day at Mantalai Lake. After 5 days of walking a rest is well deserved. Do a recce trip around the lake and explore the area.

Day 8: Today is a long & tough day. We start the day while crossing a stream and towards the end of the day we cross another bone chilling stream just gushing out of the glacier. We climb a steep and long ridge first and then enter into a rocky zone. The distance is around 10 km which may take as long as 8 hr. We reach the high camp just before the glacier which is the base before Pin Parvati Pass (~5000 m, 16500 ft).

Day 9: We start early morning across the huge open ice field leading to the pass in the east, which can be reached in 4 hr. We need to negotiate the crevasses and hard icy slopes carefully. While walking on the perma frost region we see the glacial lake formation and snow capped peaks. To reach the Pin Parvati Pass (~5300 m, 17400 ft) we climb a steep rocky ridge. The pass offers a wide panorama of peaks and the valleys of Spiti. We descent from the pass, first on snow and ice and then on steep loose scree. Finally we cross an ice cold wide open stream and reach the camp over the pass (~4500 m, 14800 ft) on a patch of grass on the left bank of the Pin River. Distance around 8 km in total which may take 8 hr.

Day 10: From today onwards the valley is typically Spitian, barren, but with patches of grass and scree. Start early in the morning and we follow the left bank of Pin River to descent gradually. We reach Chinpatta Maidan (~4000 m, 13120 ft) around a distance of 16km. One can see the route leading towards the Bhaba Pass for Kinnaur on the other side of the river. From here scenically proliferation of the coloured mountains mesmerizes you as the Pin valley broadens up. The trail gently descends along the left bank of the river and reaches Mud (~3750 m, 12300 ft), the first village on the Pin valley is another 12Km. Total trekking will take around 10 hours. Take a car for Kaza which is 45 Km and will take around 2 hour. Night stay in hotel/rest house.

Day 11: Today we take the early morning bus from Kaza at 6 a.m. in the morning which reaches Manali via Lohsar, Kunzum La, Chhatru, Grampho and Rohtang pass. Distance is around 200 Km and may take 10 hours.

P.S.: The altitudes and distances in the details are approximate and may not be exact.